Why Anne of Green Gables Should be Your Favourite Christmas Movie

Why Anne of Green Gables Should be Your Favourite Christmas Movie

Anne of Green Gables is a classic film loved by many. With unforgettable, and quotable moments, the film is rewatched over and over by many fans and even passed down through generations.

Though it isn’t explicitly a Christmas movie, it has all of the key elements of one. As we countdown to Christmas, here are three simple reasons why Anne of Green Gables should be your favourite Christmas movie.


The Anne of Green Gables: Original Soundtrack was scored by composer Hagood Hardy. The soundtrack, is one of the most desired ones from the Sullivan library. Many of the musical tracks accompany the most famous scenes, and while they aren’t Christmas carols, they are just as memorable.

Lovable Characters

A Christmas Carol, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, and a whole host of other Christmas movies are known for their lovable characters. As many fans are well aware, Anne of Green Gables isGilbert Christmas scene full of great characters. Anne Shirley is a quirky, fun and intelligent girl who by the films end, grows into a lovely young woman.

Marilla is a strict, and at times fearsome woman, with a heart of gold. Matthew isn’t a man of many words, but is sweet and it is a joy to watch his relationship with Anne. Gilbert is caring young man, who, despite a rough start with Anne, he learns to love her – just like the rest of Avonlea. Then there’s Diana Barry, Anne’s bosom friend, who is there for her through thick and thin. All these characters make for a great film.


Anne Mathew winterYes, Anne of Green Gables does have a scene with snow. The carriage ride to the Barry’s shows the beauty of winter. Snow-capped rolling hills, and wintry forests will remind you of Christmas and get you into the spirit in no time.

There’s also the Christmas ball, where the hall is decorated with wreaths and trimming is a much loved scene that even has Christmas imagery.

For these key reasons, you should curl up and watch Anne of Green Gables this Christmas. Did we miss any of your favourite elements? Tell us in the comments! Looking for last minute gifts? Read our Anne of Green Gables gift guide.

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