Anne of Green Gables: Favourite Collectibles & Memorabilia

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For a series that began almost 105 years ago, L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables sure has a way of remaining relevant to modern audiences. Fans of the series have made it a habit (in some cases, an obsession) to collect memorabilia over the years. Some of our favorite items are the ones that have stood the test time, like the minted coins, the dolls, and of course- the books.


Anne-Shirley-DollI was going through my attic the other day, and I stumbled upon an old friend I hadn’t seen in almost 15 years. The Anne of Green Gables doll my mother bought me when I visited Prince Edward Island some 20 years ago. Hard to believe how fast time flies, and also how quickly life changes. To me, this now “collectible” doll represents not only a fond and dear family memory but also countless hours of laughter and enjoyment that I had as a young girl.

To many Anne of Green Gables fans, we do not collect because we value the price of an item but more because we value the historic significance attached to it – whether it be a memory, or the meaning placed on a particular point in history. Many avid lovers of the series seek to own a copy of the original publication of the book from 1908, others like to collect dolls, coins, or other such sentimental items. The original copy of the L.M. Montgomery classic has been valued up to USD $15,000, but copies published around that time period are sold on Ebay every day.

1908-copy1It is amusing to see how “Anne Collectibles” have changed over time. Seeing how the face of “Anne” has changed is interesting- it appears that the shape of her face constantly changes, her clothes as well. Despite this, one trait does remain constant: her flowing red hair. Most recently, the Canadian Mint released a colorful coin in 2008 featuring Anne’s iconic face which has since become a highly sought collector’s item. It bears similar resemblance to the coin released by Sullivan Entertainment on the 100th Anniversary of L.M. Montgomery’s publication of the book. It is likely that if you like one coin, you often would like the other.


Coin released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2008

Coin released by Sullivan Entertainment in 2010

Whether or not it’s dolls you collect, coins, books, or even teddy bears, I’m sure there is an “Anne” collectible that you cannot do without. What is your personal favorite?

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