Here is our interview with makeup artist Michelle Cudmore, who worked on the beautiful Anne-inspired wedding photo shoot we have posted. Along with other wedding vendors, Michelle was handpicked by Rachel Peters, of Rachel Peters Photography, to help her create her vision.  Luckily, Michelle is both a talented artist and an authentic Anne fan.

In our interview with Michelle below, she reveals who the Anne and Gilbert from the photo shoot are and tells us how we can recreate an Anne-themed wedding in our own way!

Were you a fan of Anne of Green Gables before?

I have been a fan of Anne of Green Gables since I was a child.  I read the books, watched the movies and the musical many times, and I’ve been to the Green Gables House dozens of times as well as Avonlea Village.  When I was a little girl, I thought I had a wild imagination just like Anne.  And  I love that Anne has such an enthusiasm for life and delighted in the little things in life, like ice cream.  Simple and pure.  I love that.  Plus I would have loved to crack a writing slate over the head of a boy who was picking on me in grade school!

In fact, one of my summer jobs while in university was working at the tea room in Silver Bush!  I loved that job, I even loved my drive to work in the morning!  I would marvel over the beauty of the country side and the gorgeous property of Silver Bush itself.  L.M. Montgomery had so much natural beauty for her inspiration and I’m so lucky to call PEI home!

I have 2 daughters ages 10 & 8, and I read them the Anne of Green Gables story last year and we went to see the musical and Green Gables House last summer.  They loved the story and fell in love with Anne too.  There is something magical about that red haired girl from Avonlea!

How did you decide what kind of makeup to use on the bride?

When I was creating the makeup look for the shoot I wanted to create a modern day Anne.  I wanted her skin to be radiant and to focus on her peaches and cream complexion.  I wanted her look to be simple and pure but I wanted her lips to have a pop of colour, because that’s how I see Anne – simple and pure, but with an unexpected pizzaz! The colour palette was kept to a minimum.  I used peaches and golds on her eyes and cheeks then popped her lips with a hit of coral.

Behind-the-Scenes of Annes Wedding 2

The bride and groom in our photo shoot, in our minds, were the perfect modern day Anne and Gilbert.  The couple is originally from BC, but decided to sell their condo in the city, bought a van, drove across Canada and when they arrived to PEI they fell in love with the Island.  They decided to buy an old farm house here in the country and they now call PEI home!

What key elements related to Anne helped inspire the photo shoot as a whole?

The key elements related to Anne that helped inspire the shoot, were the bride and groom, the outdoor rustic beauty of the Island, the Guardian newspaper that just happened to have the caption “Good Day for PEI” – we Islanders love our news (and gossip), the lanterns, the lace and the pearls that the bride wore – very traditional PEI but with a modern twist.  Cheyl Jabbour of 5 Design did an amazing job of styling the shoot.

What do you think it is about her and PEI that is so inspiring and makes for a beautiful wedding theme?

I think Anne and PEI makes for a beautiful wedding theme, because it is original and authentic.  There is no other place like PEI – with the red cliffs, and gorgeous white sand beaches.  Plus there is authenticity to the story of Anne because it’s really how we lived back in the day, and we Islanders are still so tied to our roots and to our heritage.  You can see that authenticity in the Islanders today, and on the land that we grow our potatoes, and the fishing villages that deliver us our sumptuous lobster dinners.  We ARE this photo shoot, it’s who we are!  We are Islanders, we love this Island, and we are so proud to show how wonderful PEI is to the world!

Do you have any tips on how women can recreate some of the aspects of the shoot?

*  Get married in PEI!  There really is no other place quite like it.

*  Think local – hire local wedding vendors who know the ins and outs of the Island.   Jennifer Clark from Kiss the Bride can help you plan your wedding from start to finish.

*  Focus on PEI culinary specialties – potatoes, lobsters, raspberry cordial.  Jennifer Prinz from City View Bakehouse even made PEI potato candies for the shoot!

*  And don’t forget to carry the theme into your invitations and all the paper work.  Kim Roach of Kim Roach Design kept the colour palette of the shoot in mind when she designed all the paper products for the wedding shoot.

*  It’s all about details – hairdresser Cheryl Weeks incorporated a braid into the bride’s undo, a classy and modern version of an Anne braid.

*  Flowers should also keep with the overall colour palette for the wedding and add in special touches like the rope and twine that Alan Preston from Hearts and Flowers added to create something extra special to your bouquets.

To see the pictures of this photo shoot, click here!

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