The Collectors Dream: Anne of Green Gables

The Collectors Dream: Anne of Green Gables
When it comes to Anne of Green Gables collectibles, we think it’s important to be choosy. That’s why everything that we have made, or procure for Shop At Sullivan, is carefully considered. Are fans of the books going to like it? Does it appeal strictly to fans of our Mini Series? A lot of thought goes into our planning and we think it’s produced some wonderful collectibles. Here is a list of our top five:

1.Anne of Green Gables Dolls

Anne of Green Gables Dolls

We LOVE the Anne of Green Gables Porcelain Dolls. They are based off of two versions of Anne, one as portrayed by Megan Follows in Anne of Green Gables and one as portrayed by Hannah Endicott-Douglas in Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning. Both Dolls are fully licensed under the Anne of Green Gables Licencing Authority and we think they are definitely the perfect collectible for fans of our Anne films.


2. Anne of Green Gables Art Prints

Anne of Green gables Prints


We are always on the lookout for great Anne inspired art and these prints definitely fit the bill. Designed by the wonderful artists at Pemberley Pond the Map of Avonlea, as described by L.M. Montgomery and the Hand Lettered Print of all the names of the iconic Characters, like Matthew, Gilbert, Diana and Mrs.Lynde, make a fantastic contribution to the decor of the ultimate Anne fan’s home.


3. Kindred Friends Pillow

Kindred Friends pillowThis beautiful pillow, featuring an iconic image of Anne and Diana , is sure to enhance the ultimate fans collection! Inspired by the memorable quote “True Friends are always together in spirit”, this pillow was designed exclusivity for us using the lovely and inspiring art Canadian Artist James Hill created to commemorate our Mini Series.


4. Marilla’s Amethyst Brooch

Marilla's Brooch“Do you think Amethysts can be the souls of Violets?”-Anne of Green Gables. We have to agree with Anne that Amethysts are a lovely stone! This brooch, inspired by the infamous one that Anne “looses” in Anne of Green Gables, is the perfect accessory for the serious fan of all things Anne.


5. The Anne of Green Gables Mug

Anne of Green Gables MugWe think the Anne of Green Gables Mugs, which feature an image of Anne from our 1985 mini series Anne of Green Gables, are the perfect compliment to any morning breakfast routine. Each mug bears the quote “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”


What is your favourite Anne of Green Gables collectible? For more great Anne items visit shopatsullivan!

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