New Anne Animated DVDs

New Anne Animated DVDs
Fans of the Anne of Green Gables Animated Series will be happy to learn that many more episodes of the special children’s show will be available to own on DVD.  At the end of June, Sullivan Entertainment is releasing 6 new volumes of episodes!  Here’s what you can expect:


Anne: The Animated Series Volumes 4-6

Disc 1:

“Carrots” – Feeling fed up with Gilbert’s constant teasing about her hair, Anne goes to drastic measures to fix it.

“Bully By The Horns” – When the new boy in town starts picking on Felix, Anne tries to stick up for her friend, only to find that she herself is acting like a bully.

Disc 2:

“Chores” – Anne’s obsession with planning a party to coincide with an upcoming lunar eclipse causes her to completely forget her responsibilities at Green Gables.

“The Stray” – When a stray dog arrives on the doorstep of Green Gables, Anne is desperate to keep him, not fully understanding the responsibilities involved in keeping a pet.

Disc 3:

“The Best Partner” – The Avonlea schoolchildren eagerly anticipate the arrival of Mr. Gresham’s nephew in Avonlea, only to find that he’s not exactly what they were expecting.

“A Question of Rules” – The Avonlea kids prepare for their annual Hunt for the Golden Crown.

Anne: The Animated Series Volumes 7-9

Disc 1:

“Taffy“ – Anne blames Felicity when the candy she brings to Avonlea’s annual Taffy Day turns out to taste very badly.

“Lost and Found” – Diana and Anne become hopelessly lost in the forest when they set off in search of buried treasure.

Disc 2:

“Idle Chatter” – When Anne thinks she sees Gilbert cheating on a test, she makes the mistake of talking about her suspicions with other classmates.

“Ice Cream Promise” – After Marilla and Anne embark on making ice cream together, neither one knows how to tell the other that their task might be too difficult.

Disc 3:

“A Better Mousetrap” – Avonlea is overrun with mice and Anne, Diana and Felix must work together on a school project addressing this issue.

“A Walk in His Shoes” – Anne comes to respect other people’s points of views when she and Marilla argue over the “right way” to do farming chores.

Stay tuned for future news about the release dates of these fantastic volumes!

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