Recipes from Avonlea: Plum Puffs

Plum puffs won’t minister to a mind diseased in a world that’s crumbled into pieces. – Anne Shirley
Well I’m glad to see that your dented spirits haven’t injured your tongue. – Marilla Cuthbert
Plum Puffs are always the answer when you’re feeling down! This tasty dessert is easy and perfect for impressing your guests! We have Marilla’s secret recipe for plum puffs, enjoy! Want more Recipes from Avonlea? Check out our Youtube Channel, or take home the recipes yourself in Cooking with Anne of Green Gables and The Avonlea Cookbook, at!

110 things to learn from Anne Shirley

It’s been 110 years since L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables was published. Anne Shirley has been an inspiration for many young readers, all around the world. Here are 110 things Anne Shirley has taught us:
  1. You don’t need to be blood to be family
  2. Cover the plum pudding
  3. Keep your imagination active, it makes life more interesting
  4. Fall in love with your best friend
  5. Don’t accept a dare to impress someone
  6. Keep your head up when things are downAnne of Green Gablessittingbywindow
  7. Speak your mind freely
  8. Love the way you are
  9. It’s important to spell names correctly
  10. Keep your bosom friends close
  11. Read as much as you can
  12. Write from the heart
  13. Discover the world around you
  14. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty
  15. Know the difference between raspberry cordial and currant wine
  16. Always come back home
  17. Money does not mean happiness
  18. Dress well
  19. Hard work will pay off
  20. Never give up
  21. Keep searching for the life you’re looking for
  22. Never attempt to dye your hair alone
  23. Put your mistakes behind you
  24. Defend yourself against false accusations
  25. Being smart is better than being pretty
  26. Keep writing through all the rejection letters
  27. You’re never too old to play
  28. Practice good vocabulary
  29. Wear what you feel best in
  30. Be kind to everyone
  31. Keep a lookout for kindred spirits
  32. Teach what you love
  33. Practice patience
    anne and matthew first meeting
  34. Never stop fighting for the one you love
  35. Just be yourself
  36. Ignore the Josie Pye’s in life
  37. Be humble
  38. Let yourself feel passionate about the things you love
  39. Open the door to new opportunities
  40. If something isn’t working, fix it
  41. Don’t lose hope
  42. Know how to spell C-H-R-Y-S-A-N-T-H-E-M-U-M
  43. Learn from your mistakes
  44. Go after your dreams
  45. Let others help you when you have to make difficult choices
  46. Be thoughful
  47. Keep learning
  48. Ask for help when you need it
  49. Put your mind in the right attitude
  50. Be ambitious! It makes life more interesting
  51. “Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing”
  52. Learn from your mistakesanne reading book
  53. Bring something joyful to the world
  54. Look forward to the little things
  55. Trust that everything will fall into place
  56. Don’t settle for someone you don’t truly love
  57. Trust that every mistake leads to a brighter future
  58. Never let others call you names like “carrots”
  59. Keep studying
  60. Don’t let good things go to waste
  61. Travel across the world for someone you love
  62. Don’t be afraid of things you can control
  63. Impress people with your wisdom
  64. Give second chances
  65. Remember where you came from
  66. Appreciate the time you spend with others
  67. Make some time for yourself
  68. Read out loud
  69. Tell the truth when others need to hear it
  70. Nobody cares if you wear the same thing twice
  71. Love yourself
  72. No need to stay proper all the time
  73.  Standing out is not a bad thing
  74. Be a good friend
  75. Forgive and ask to be forgiven
  76. Be sincereAnne + Gilbert
  77. Look forward to the future
  78. Appreciate your education
  79. Life is not a fairytale
  80. Find a balance between imagination and the real world
  81. Trust your gut
  82. Share your opinion
  83. Maintain your dignity
  84. Never hide your excitement
  85. Laugh at your mistakes
  86. Be selfless and make personal sacrafices
  87. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  88. It takes time to love yourselfAnneinboat
  89. Share the best moments in life with your bosom friend
  90. Everything is a learning experience
  91. Cherish your family
  92. “There is always another bend in the road”
  93. Live life full of confidence
  94. Surround yourself with kindred spirits
  95. You don’t need plenty of friends to be happy
  96. Trust the people who want to help you
  97. There’s beauty in everything
  98. Life is full of surprises and unexpected gifts
  99. Ask for advice from bosom friends
  100. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something new
  101. Wait to marry someone you truly love wedding anne and gilbert
  102. Adventures keep you young
  103. Never chase a cow if you’re wearing white
  104. Don’t fall asleep while fishing for lake trout
  105. Never wear a sour expression twice
  106. Always say yes when someone asks you to dance
  107. Work up the courage to speak publicly
  108. Never forget the people who love you
  109. You’re never too old to find love
  110. Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it
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From Canada To The USA

With both Canada Day and Independence Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to look at some of the Sullivan productions which take place in both Canada and the USA: 1. Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story The third Anne of Green Gables film takes Anne and Gilbert from their beloved PEI to New York City, where Anne works for a publisher and Gilbert is working for a prestigious hospital. Their time in New York is brief before the lure of island life calls them home, but I’ve always liked that there was that brief glimpse into the bustle of New York in the early 1900’s. from Canada to the USA 2. Road To Avonlea: Season 7, episode 11 “Return To Me” This episode sees Felicity and Hetty King travelling from Avonlea PEI, Canada to Charleston  South Carolina, USA in hopes of finding Gus Pike. This is by far my favourite episode of Road to Avonlea and I love that it takes Felicity on such a big journey from her island home to the big city of Charleston. It’s a culture shock to be sure, and one that she and Hetty need to adjust to quickly. from Canada to the USA 3. By Way Of The Stars This miniseries, which includes stars from Road To Avonlea and other Sullivan productions, is a western at heart, taking the characters on a journey across the American west and into Canada. It’s one of my favourite Sullivan productions and I really enjoy the epic  journey across the dangerous and untamed west. from Canada to the USA 4. Promise The Moon Another western, this film takes place on a Ranch in the Canadian West and briefly in Chicago Illinois when the foreman of the ranch goes to rescue his employer’s son from the hospital he has been institutionalized in. This film is wonderfully acted and very cinematic. from Canada to the USA 5. Anne of Avonlea/ Anne of Green Gables the Sequel The second Anne film also finds Anne visiting the USA when she takes a trip to Boston with the Harris family. The rest of the film of course takes place in Anne’s home of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island and Kingsport, Nova Scotia where Anne is teaching for the majority of the film. from Canada to the USA To find the films mentioned here, or any of the other Sullivan productions visit Shop At Sullivan.
By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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The Appeal Of Anne

Lately I have been ruminating on what makes Anne of Green Gables so appealing, what with all the talk of new versions of Anne and people’s initial reactions, mixed as they may be, and it was just this past weekend, while I was getting ready to catch up on shows that I had missed during the week, that it hit me: wholesomeness and emotion. Let me back up and explain. I tend to watch a lot of crime dramas, dramas with espionage, forceful language and mind games. I look for rich acting, the intensity of it pulling me in and keeping me held fast. But looking at the queue of programming that I had before me it was startlingly obvious that everything tended towards violence; everything had some real world agenda: stopping terrorism, solving a murder, making billions of dollars by whatever means necessary. All things that literally could be pulled from news headlines that are chugged out over a 24 hour cycle, illustrating the harsh starkness of our current times. These shows were not an escape, but a reflection of how we now see our world, of the very reality of things. I enjoy them, but they don’t fulfill that emotional need that lies deep down inside all of us. And like a light bulb illuminating to light up an otherwise dark room I realized that what I was trying to put my finger on, what the appeal of Anne Of Green Gables is, is that she lives in a world where things are more simple. Or at least seem simpler. Now that is not to say that back in the early 20th century (or late 19th century if you are going off the book) people didn’t have issues; they absolutely did. There was still poverty, births out of wedlock, murder and thievery. But the beauty of the world that L.M. Montgomery created, and that Kevin Sullivan brought to physical life in his film, was that while you knew these things were most likely happening in the world they were only briefly ,if at all, alluded to. Anne’s world is one of potential, of days filled with school and friends, hard work and laughter and yes sadness sometimes, because to be human is to be sad. Her world is filled with witty discussions about the difference between Protestants and Methodists and how appropriate it is to wear flowers on ones hat to Sunday School. Her world is one where an Orphan can be given the chance to be wanted and to thrive and grow and not have her indomitable spirit corrupted by the wider world with its harsh and vulgar realities. The appeal of Anne of Green Gables is that while it does capture all that is wonderful and real about the human condition, it does it in such a way that is relatable and endearing. It’s a story that you remember always, that you want to share with your children because you know that what they are seeing is not meant to shock them, or remind them of world issues, but to entertain, amuse and connect with them on an emotional level. I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything currently on television that does that for me, but I am content in the knowledge that I can draw upon the wholesomeness and emotional current of Anne of Green Gables when I really need it, to fulfill that place that we all have that just tires of seeing the harshness of the world and longs for something simple and true. That is the appeal of the Anne of Green Gables film and book and I think it will always be so. For all things Anne of Green Gables related visit By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment

What’s In A Name?

Have you ever considered the meaning behind your name and whether it’s true? All names have a meaning behind them, some kind of explanation of what they embody, what they represent. Your name might come from a Celtic origin and mean something like “Sheppard” or “pure” for example, or come from Latin, like mine, and mean something like “dark” or “beloved”. But do people’s names really fit them or do we grow to fit the meaning behind our names? Perhaps it’s easier when the person being named is fictional. Take Anne for example. The name Anne is of Hebrew origin and means “grace” and “God has favoured me”. People who are named Anne are said to have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others. It’s also said that they have an aptitude for understanding and learning and that they tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers and to live in their minds. Anne, names I think this fits Anne Shirley almost to a T. Or should I say E? She is someone who certainly had a desire for a stable and loving family, for a community and a place to belong. She loves to help others and always tries to see the best in them. Anne is also whip smart and picks up on things quite quickly. After all, she did tie with Gilbert for first place in their examination results and go on to be both a teacher and a writer. And I think we can agree that Anne does live in her head a lot of the time, especially when she is younger, letting her imagination soar. L.M. Montgomery made the perfect choice when naming her heroine and whether she knew that the character she was creating would fit the meaning behind her name so well, I cannot say. When it comes to Anne with an ‘E’ anything is possible! What is the meaning behind your name? Do you think it fits you? For more Anne visit our shop.
By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment 

A Special Place

For Lucy Maud Montgomery, Lover’s Lane was her special place.
“I went for a walk in Lover’s Lane yesterday. It is the dearest spot in the world to me and has the greatest influence for good over me. No matter how dark my mood is, no matter how heavy my heart or how vexed my soul, an hour in that beautiful solitude will put me right with myself and the world” – Lucy Maud Montgomery
I think everybody has one – a place where they can go to be in solitude, to feel better about the world around them. A place where they can get away from the noise of day-to-day life and allow themselves to feel at peace with the world around them, forgetting about the negatives in their lives and in the world, if even just for a moment. Whether that place is cocooned underneath the covers of your bed or sitting on a roof looking up at the stars, or if it’s when you find yourself surrounded by old friends you haven’t seen in a while, it’s important to have a place where you can find calm in a chaotic world. I’m lucky in that I have two of those places. In the first, I experience solitude in a different way, by going out alone to see a live music performance. I’ve always found that there’s something a little magical feeling that happens when I’m alone amidst a sea of strangers, all of us singing along together to songs I love. The second place I can always rely on to find that peaceful feeling is back in my hometown, a little spot called Witches’ Cove. The little cove of the lake I grew up on is only accessible by a small trail that leads down to the rocky shore surrounded by trees and wildlife. It’s a big contrast to what I love about seeing live music in a huge crowd – there, at Witches’ Cove, I am almost always entirely alone. Even if the main lakeshore is filled with screaming children and their families enjoying a hot summer day, taking a quick 10-minute walk to the smaller rocky cove usually guarantees a space to yourself. In the summer it provides a quiet spot away from the business of the beach; in the fall it gives me the best lookout to enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves; the spring at the Cove is a reminder of the summer to come, and in the winter time it’s my favourite area of the lake to go and skate. Year-round, it is a quiet space where I’ve always loved to go and sit, a perfect place to think and write and be at peace with the world around me. It’s important to have places in the world that feel like yours, that give you a space to breathe and to lift your spirits when the world gets tough. For L.M. Montgomery, that place was Lover’s Lane. What’s yours? You can see Anne Shirley enjoying Lover’s Lane in Anne of Green Gables, available in the Shop at Sullivan online store here. By Katie Bull, Sullivan Entertainment

Winter Blues: Looking Forward to Spring

As winter creeps along in our part of the world, the cold temperatures might be starting to get to you. Depending on where you live, the cold air is constant, the roads are icy, and the snow seems to be coming down almost non-stop. Whether you’re afflicted by Seasonal Affective Disorder or you just simply can’t stand the cold, there are many of us who count down the minutes until the season is officially over and we can begin to make use of our shorts and sandals again. I know I spend much of the winter dreaming of a day when I can run my toes through the sand once more. On Canada’s east coast in Prince Edward Island, summers are full of tourists and people who can’t wait to see the beauty around them. There are ocean-front beaches around every corner, all of the seasonal shops open back up, and there are children running and playing everywhere you look, enjoying all that the region has to offer. In the winter, however, PEI seems a very different place. With the freezing cold temperatures and the mountains of snow, Islanders put up with a notoriously tough winter year after year. Those who stick it out are those who call the island home year round, and with the annual summer visitors gone, many areas of the island are quieter in the winter, too.
“It is worthwhile to live through winter just to have the spring” – Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery knew those PEI winters well, having lived on the island for much of her life. So to hear her say that it’s worthwhile to live through the winter just to have the spring… well, you know she must have really loved the spring! For those of us who struggle with living through winter each year, it is wise to remind ourselves of the change of season that is always just around the next bend. Just as in life, there is always a fresh change around the corner – even when it seems as though the dreariness will never end. What do you do to pass the winter blues? You can check out all of Sullivan Entertainment’s Lucy Maud Montgomery inspired productions and merchandise in our online store. By Katie Bull, Sullivan Entertainment

Braids For Charity

Anne’s Red hair is sure iconic, but who knew that it could inspire a small movement? Earlier this week we came across an article from the CBC all about a couple in Prince Edward Island who ask visitors to their cottage to don an Anne of Green Gables Hat With Braids, much like the one pictured below, have their pictures taken and donate $5 to their fundraiser for Prince County Hospital and Children’s Memorial Place. hat with braids anne of green gables “Some people jump into it right away and you never in a million years would think that they would,” said Erma Caissie-Richard, who owns the cottage along with her Husband.”Other people are a flat no. And other people, they want to do it, but they’re a little shy or embarrassed and then as soon as we mention it’s for charity, then people will right away say sure.” (Quote from CBC article, Oct 11th 2016) So far Caissie-Richard and her Husband have raised $450 and hope to be able to raise more for their selected charity. We think this is a great way to get people engaged with helping out others, and to have some fun along the way! For all things Anne of Green Gables related visit Shop at Sullivan, where you will find the Hat With Braids, along with many other Anne collectibles.