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The Lure of the Land

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“I love this place already. I always heard that Prince Edward Island was the most beautiful place in Canada, and I used to imagine I was living here. This is the first dream that has ever come true for me.” – Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley was not alone in her love for Prince Edward Island and its unique beauty.  The movie production of “Anne of Green Gables” was heavily inspired by the novel’s setting and the production team went to great lengths to make every scene authentic to the beauty of P.E.I.

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Biking Prince Edward Island

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Sometimes the best way to experience the scenic beauty of a place like P.E.I isn’t through the clouded window of a tour bus or the closed-in atmosphere of a long car ride.  Instead, cycling may be the most appropriate way to take in the sand dunes, forests and red clay roads under your tires.  In the words of Katherine Brooke from Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, if people, “want to know – not just believe that the world is round,” they may want to try this more organic traveling experience.

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Capturing the Essence of Canada

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Capturing the essence of Canada’s scenic beauty is an art-form.  One of the masters of capturing this essence is the Canadian illustrator James Hill, whose paintings and illustrations are featured on the Sullivan Boutique website.  As with all art, it can only add to the painting when you know a little something about the one who made the brushstrokes.  Here’s some more information about the famous illustrator James Hill (1930-2004).

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