Happy Birthday to L.M. Montgomery

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On this day, 136 years ago, Lucy Maud Montgomery was born.  And the legacy of her life is hard to put into words.  Today, we already have had people thanking Maud on our official Facebook fan page for what she has given them.  Without her, Anne Shirley would never have been born, nor the entire community of appreciative readers and viewers who truly love what the talented writer created.

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Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthbert

Anne’s New Life Begins at Bright River Station

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Bright River station is more than just a railway station.  As Anne waits on the platform for Matthew Cuthbert, she is experiencing the final moments of her life as an orphan and is about to begin a new life in which she belongs to people and a place .  The image of Anne, sitting on the station bench, is an iconic symbol of the Anne movies.  And it is worth taking a look at the history of the authentic location in which it was captured.

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