James-HillJames Hill is renowned as one of the best illustrators and artists that Canada has ever produced and he also has a strong connection with Anne of Green Gables.

Hill, who has often been compared to famous American artist Norman Rockwell, was an award winning and highly sought after illustrator throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. His versatile and unique style landed him contracts to create covers and illustrate articles for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, MacLean’s, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and many more. Hill’s illustrations also graced the cover of numerous novels and formed the basis of successful advertising campaigns for companies such as Heinz, Imperial Oil and Chargex.

Painting Anne 1Anne fans can see James Hill’s talent every time they look at the wonderful paintings he created for both Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel. Hill also created the beautiful Anne & Diana painting that has become an iconic image of Sullivan’s Anne series.

anneandiana-Full-viewIn addition to being an illustrator, James Hill was also an accomplished and prolific fine art painter. Hill’s brilliant use of form and colour and his masterful brushstrokes created some truly beautiful masterpieces. Hill’s use of light and composition in his paintings actually served as an inspiration to Kevin Sullivan when he was shooting the Anne films.

3_sistersJames Hill was truly an artistic genius and perhaps one of Canada’s greatest unsung heroes. Sadly, Hill passed away in 2004 but his wonderful array of work will serve as his lasting legacy.

Prints  and posters of several of James Hill’s spectacular pieces and are currently available at shopatsullivan.com.


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  • R Degnan says:

    Where can I find prints of his Anne of Green Gables paintings?

  • sullivanent says:

    Currently only the posters are available at shopatsullivan.com. His Anne paintings are also featured on the table lamps noted above. Perhaps we will make prints of James’ Anne paintings available in the near future.

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