The written word has fascinated me since I was a young girl. When I first started out in my scholastic endeavors, reading was quite a struggle, but by the time I was seven I was lucky enough to have a teacher who worked diligently with me and I improved by leaps and bounds. And now I can honestly say that there is probably nothing I love more than a well written book. When you read a book there is quite usually something that stands out to you, some line or passage that sticks with you more than others. Here are a few from some of my favourite books, including Anne of Green Gables:

Written word 1

“There are plenty of people, In Avonlea and out of it, who can attend closely to their neighbours’ business by dint of neglecting their own; but Mrs. Rachel Lynde was one of those capable creatures who can manage their own concerns and those of other folks in the bargain.”-Anne of Green Gables

The way this passage is written is the epitome of prose in my book. The way L.M. Montgomery weaved language together, getting across so much with so little, has always stood out to me as being pretty near perfect.

Written word 2

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.”-Persuasion

This one line has stuck with me since I first read Jane Autsen’s Persusion. I’ve often thought that it reflected perfectly the feeling that can come over you when you find yourself within reach of that which you most want in life.


“To begin perfect happiness at the respective ages of twenty–six and eighteen is to do pretty well; and professing myself moreover convinced that the general’s unjust interference, so far from being really injurious to their felicity, was perhaps rather conducive to it, by improving their knowledge of each other, and adding strength to their attachment, I leave it to be settled, by whomsoever it may concern, whether the tendency of this work be altogether to recommend parental tyranny, or reward filial disobedience.”-Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen was a word smith and she could also be quite cheeky. I love this passage for its exquisite use of language and the way it so nicely sums up the moral of the whole over all story.


“I do like a road, because you can be always wondering what is at the end of it.”- The Story Girl

I love that this line acts as a catalyses to send your imagination spiraling. What is at the end of the road? L.M. Montgomery was a master at inspiring her readers and I’ve always liked that this was the opening line of The Story Girl; that a story about a girl with a vivid imagination, started with a line that urges you to imagine yourself.

What lines or passages from books stand out to you? For some great reads, check out the book section on Shop At Sullivan.

By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment

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