Anne Shirley: An Enduring Character

Although her story was published in 1908, and she is 104 years old, Anne Shirley is just as relevant now as she was at the turn of the century. For whatever reason, this little orphan has been able to endure the test of time and hold a place in literary history that so many other fictional characters have been unable to do.

changingface1-580x158Over the course of many years, Anne’s face has taken multiple shapes, sizes and dimensions. She has appeared very young and also very mature, and has been portrayed by a number of different talented actresses both on screen and in the theater. Kevin Sullivan’s version of Anne of Green Gables, of course, the most well known and loved portrayal on screen. Despite this, the plot of her story has remained unchanged along with the loved ones that affect her journey – and perhaps it is for this reason that her tale has remained timeless. AnneandMatthew1-580x384 How does a small orphan from Maritime Canada manage to move the hearts of so many people worldwide? Is it her innocence, her imagination, or perhaps her determination not to accept what the world as it is? Personally, I think Anne’s story is timeless because it is 100% heartfelt and genuine, and undated by stereotypes that would grow stale with age. L.M. Montgomery’s novel gives us a character who is unique in personality and whose human emotions are entirely understandable to any generation in any part of the world. Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive at Province house in Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island, Canada Anne’s imagination and hope for a better world is an inspiration to those living in oppression; her strength of spirit encourages everyone to keep their dreams alive, and the love she finds with the Cuthberts embodies the sentiment we all feel when welcomed into a home by those we love. Whether we presently feel the emotions she is feeling, or wish we could in the future, Anne’s story is timeless and will stand the test for many generations to come. If you like to see the changing faces of Anne of Green Gables, be sure to check out our 20 “First Edition” Anne Postcard Collection that includes titles of the L.M. Montgomery books as they have slowly modified over time!

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