A Special Place

A Special Place
For Lucy Maud Montgomery, Lover’s Lane was her special place.
“I went for a walk in Lover’s Lane yesterday. It is the dearest spot in the world to me and has the greatest influence for good over me. No matter how dark my mood is, no matter how heavy my heart or how vexed my soul, an hour in that beautiful solitude will put me right with myself and the world” – Lucy Maud Montgomery
I think everybody has one – a place where they can go to be in solitude, to feel better about the world around them. A place where they can get away from the noise of day-to-day life and allow themselves to feel at peace with the world around them, forgetting about the negatives in their lives and in the world, if even just for a moment. Whether that place is cocooned underneath the covers of your bed or sitting on a roof looking up at the stars, or if it’s when you find yourself surrounded by old friends you haven’t seen in a while, it’s important to have a place where you can find calm in a chaotic world. I’m lucky in that I have two of those places. In the first, I experience solitude in a different way, by going out alone to see a live music performance. I’ve always found that there’s something a little magical feeling that happens when I’m alone amidst a sea of strangers, all of us singing along together to songs I love. The second place I can always rely on to find that peaceful feeling is back in my hometown, a little spot called Witches’ Cove. The little cove of the lake I grew up on is only accessible by a small trail that leads down to the rocky shore surrounded by trees and wildlife. It’s a big contrast to what I love about seeing live music in a huge crowd – there, at Witches’ Cove, I am almost always entirely alone. Even if the main lakeshore is filled with screaming children and their families enjoying a hot summer day, taking a quick 10-minute walk to the smaller rocky cove usually guarantees a space to yourself. In the summer it provides a quiet spot away from the business of the beach; in the fall it gives me the best lookout to enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves; the spring at the Cove is a reminder of the summer to come, and in the winter time it’s my favourite area of the lake to go and skate. Year-round, it is a quiet space where I’ve always loved to go and sit, a perfect place to think and write and be at peace with the world around me. It’s important to have places in the world that feel like yours, that give you a space to breathe and to lift your spirits when the world gets tough. For L.M. Montgomery, that place was Lover’s Lane. What’s yours? You can see Anne Shirley enjoying Lover’s Lane in Anne of Green Gables, available in the Shop at Sullivan online store here. By Katie Bull, Sullivan Entertainment

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