Anne Shirley

Played by Megan Follows

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Anne Shirley

Anne, the fiery and headstrong redhead, was the daughter of Walter and Bertha Shirley. After the death of her mother and her father’s subsequent departure, Anne led a troubled adolescence, bouncing from orphanage to orphanage and from one harsh family to another; until she was finally adopted by Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert when she was mistakenly left at the Avonlea train station on Prince Edward Island.

MEGAN FOLLOWS WAS JUST 16 YEARS OLD when she was chosen to play Anne, a role that earned her a 1986 and a 1988 Gemini Award for Best Performance by a Lead Actress. Just after Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, Megan provided the voice of Clara in the animated film The Nutcracker Prince, with Keifer Sutherland, and played Juliet in the Stratford Festival production that starred Canadian actor Colm Feore as Mercutio. She also went on to star in Sullivan Entertainment’s Under the Piano, in which she played an autistic woman who is musically talented but relies heavily upon the protection of her sister, played by Amanda Plummer. Since then, Megan’s credits are a list of some of the most popular television shows in the last couple of decades, including The Outer Limits, Murder She Wrote, Law & Order, ER, The X-Files, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami. Megan reprised her role as Anne in Kevin Sullivan’s 2000 production of Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, for which she received a Gemini Award nomination. She later went on to play Shania Twains’ mother, Sharon, in the CBC production Shania: A Life in Eight Albums. She was also nominated for a Gemini Award for that performance. Megan’s most recent credits include the popular television show Brothers & Sisters, starring Sally Field, Raising the Bar and Heartland. The 44-year-old actress has two children – Lyla Ann and Russell. She currently balances her time between her family and performing on both stage and screen. Megan currently stars on the CW’s new drama, Reign as Catherine de Medici.

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