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Anne Shirley

How Anne Got Her Smarts

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Anne Shirley was always at the top of her class, constantly had her head in a book, and as Marilla told her, “could talk the hind leg off a mule.” But before Anne had the chance to go to school with students of her own age, she seemed to already possess these scholastic qualities, as well as her unusual vocabulary.  So what made her so smart?

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L.M. Montgomery’s Imagination Runs Wild

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“I had, in my vivid imagination, a passport to the geography of Fairyland.  In a twinkling I could – and did – whisk myself into regions of wonderful adventures, unhampered by any restrictions of time or place.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery, “The Alpine Path”

Ever since Lucy Maud Montgomery was a young girl, she had a keen imagination, just like her famous heroine Anne.  The impressions that objects in the natural world made on her were so deep and lasting that Lucy Maud couldn’t help but write about them in whatever outlet she could- whether it was her novels, essays or letters to friends.

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Anne and Marilla

What Makes a Mother?

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One of the most appealing threads in the Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables series is the relationship between the older and younger female residents of Avonlea.  Janet King’s relationship with her children is symbolic of the traditional roles and origin of motherhood.  However, Sara Stanley and Anne Shirley represent a different approach to family life.

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Jane Austen and Lucy Maud: Building Family Through Letters

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“I wonder if, a hundred years or so after you and I are dead someone will dig up our old letters and if so will they create any furore.” – L.M. Montgomery to G. B. MacMillan, 1926

Though she was born nearly one hundred years after Jane Austen, in another country and era, Lucy Maud Montgomery had a lot more in common with the famous Victorian author than you might think.

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Tea Time Recipes with Anne

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“There’s no scope of the imagination in cooking. You simply have to go by the rules. Last time I made a cake, I forgot to put the flour in it. I was thinking about the lovely joy about us, Diana. I imagined you were desperately ill with small pox, and when everyone deserted you, I went over to your bedside and nursed you back to life.

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