Back to School With Anne of Green Gables:

School will be starting up again very soon and it’s time to consider what you may need (or just want) to start off the school year! I’ve always found that one of the best parts of back to school is getting new notebooks and cool looking pencils and sometimes, cute new clothes. If you or your kids are Anne fans, Shop At Sullivan has a few things to get the school year started in Kindred Spirit style!


Kindred Friends Stationery

This set comes with everything that you need to prepare yourself for some learning! I’ll admit, I like this set mostly for the notebook (I am a sucker for a nice notebook with crisp pages just waiting to be filled) but with a notebook, note pad, pencils and more this set is perfect for getting all your thoughts in order while studying or working on an assignment.


Kindred Friends Pencils

If you don’t want to get a whole stationery set, but still want that little bit of Anne to brighten up the school day, the Kindred Friends Pencils are the way to go! You get 12 pencils, which I figure may just last the whole year ( we all know how writing utensils always just seem to disappear) and each one has Sullivan’s very favourite image by James Hill of Anne and Diana walking through a field.


You can never go wrong with a good book and there are always those moments during school where the teacher will instruct you to take some time to read or assign a book report. Shop At Sullivan has a number of books, but all the Anne of Green Gables ones are definitely the stand out! For older kids there are of course the Anne books by L.M. Montgomery, but for the younger I would suggest the Anne Animated books, which are full of important life lessons.



Did you know that music can actually help you concentrate? I do find this to be true, and have since I was a child, although not everyone is the same. If you are like me and need some great music to get you in the zone of working or studying, then the soundtrack for the Anne of Green Gables films is a must!


Of course, I can’t leave out the new clothes! Shop At Sullivan has a number of Anne t-shirts, but my favourite are the Kindred Friends ones. Having an Anne of Green Gables t-shirt will definitely make you stand out from your peers and you never know…you may just meet a Kindred Spirit!


Are there any other Anne inspired products that you think work for back to school time? Enjoy the beginning of the school year!


By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment

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