When it comes to movies and shows from Sullivan, we tend to focus on the classics: Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back. But there are so many others, which are just as compelling and are sure to appeal to period drama enthusiasts.


Sleeping Dogs Lie:

compelling period dramaThis film is chalk full of mystery, stunning costumes and a stellar cast. It’s the story of a wealthy theater tycoon in Toronto, who goes missing. His wife is soon suspected of murdering him and what follows is a mystery that is sure to keep you glued to the screen!


Under The Piano:

compelling period dramaBased on a true story, this film is poignant and superbly acted. It’s the story of one women’s faith in her exceptionally talented, but emotionally defenseless sister and the lengths she goes to try and protect her from the world.  This film will have you captivated!


Butterbox Babies:

compelling period dramaThis film is the shocking, but engrossing, true story of the Ideal Maternity home, a supposed refuge for unwed mothers. It quickly turns out that all is not it seems at the Home and that the proprietors have less than noble intentions when it comes to the Mothers and their Babies!


By Way Of The Stars:

compelling period dramaThis six part miniseries is the story of the tumultuous journey of Lukas Bienman and a young Baroness named Ursula, who  escape to America  in order to find their families, who they have been separated from. They set off on a perilous journey that takes them across the American and Canadian  Frontier. Together, they face unthinkable obstacles to reunite with their families. Epic in scope and cinematic, this miniseries is gripping.


Love On The Land:

compelling period drama

This drama is an epic story, spanning over forty years and delving into the lives of Thomas and Kate Linthorne as they face trials and tribulations, raising their children during the period after the civil war. It’s a story of love and the meaning of sacrifice. The film is engaging, with beautiful cinematography and a captivating portrayal by the cast.


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By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment.

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