Craig Kielburger of Free the Children and the Me to We Foundation can often be heard emphasizing the importance of empowering women in order to break cycles of poverty – both in other parts of the world and in our own backyards. Women who are taught new skills not only are able to rely on themselves rather than being told they need to rely on a partner, but they are also more likely to then pass on those skills to the generations to come after them. Feminism tells us that women and men are equal and should be universally treated as such. The role of women in many communities around the world is that of caretakers and of educators, so ensuring that women globally are given the proper tools to persevere that they can then pass along to their children and grandchildren is one of the greatest gifts that could be given to a community caught in a cycle of poverty.

Anne Shirley’s attitude was always that she could do anything boys could do, and she was the embodiment of a self-empowered woman. As women, it is important to find ways that we too can hold onto this spirit of Anne, in the hopes that we can inspire others to do the same – just as Anne has done for us. One of the great gifts of literature is that it allows us to see the world through the eyes of another, and in doing so, sometimes we end up learning a thing or two about ourselves, or about the person we would like to be. For many women, Anne inspired them to believe in themselves and know what they were capable of and what they were worth. Anne showed us how to love ourselves and to encourage others to do the same.

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I think that the inspirational people like Craig Kielburger at Free the Children and Me to We would love Anne Shirley for the way that she is able to inspire women (and men!) every day. She encourages us to be our most empowered selves, and to be able to rely on ourselves when we need to. These are qualities that are so important in our global community, particularly for women in impoverished places. These ideals are what are being worked towards all over the world in attempts to lift people from poverty and break cycles in communities.

You can hear more from Craig Keilburger of Free the Children here:

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How do you embody Anne Shirley in your every day life?

By Katie Bull, Sullivan Entertainment

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