Part of what makes a Sullivan movie or show so relatable is the relationships between characters. With Family Day coming up in a number of Provinces, here in Canada, I thought it was a good time to take a look at some of the great families from our productions.


The Cuthberts:

Matthew, Marilla and Anne may not be the most conventional of families, after all the brother and sister never intended on adopting Anne at all. But they come together to form wonderful bonds and love each other just as any of the “regular” families do. One of the scenes that always sticks out to me as the epitome of familial bond is when Anne decides that she will not go away to school, but will stay with Marilla so she can keep Green Gables. She does it because she loves Marilla and she never regretted it for a moment.



The King family:

The Kings of Road To Avonlea are an obvious choice for this list and they are probably my favourite of the families in Sullivan films and shows. They are the perfect example of the love and chaos that comes with being part of a family. There are times when they argue, times when they may be so mad at each other that they can’t fathom wanting to speak again, but in the end they all love each other greatly and support each other when it truly matters. They laugh together, cry together and share the important and little moments of life.


The Bailey-Suttons:

The Bailey-Suttons of Wind At My Back come together after tragedy. Jack Bailey has died and after some time his wife Honey marries Max Sutton and he becomes step father to her children. They have a child of their own, really blending the family and when Honey becomes sick and must leave to stay in hospital Max really steps up and shows that he is a father to all four kids. One of my favourite moments from Wind At My Back is when Fat calls Max “Dad”.  It struck me because,Violet, who was just a baby when her father died had never known another father than Max so she naturally always called him that, and he is Zack’s father. But for Hub and Fat the adjustment wasn’t as easy. To hear Fat call the man who raises him Dad is so heartwarming; it shows that they really are a family, for better or worse.


The Delany Family:

In Looking for Miracles, the Delany family consists of Ryan, his little brother Sullivan and their mother. Ryan is determined to make a better life for his family, even though he is only 16, and it’s his love for his family and his determination that really stand out to me. Like most siblings, Ryan and Sullivan don’t always get along, but Ryan still tries to do the best by his brother and in the end they have a stronger bond. We may not always like the people we call family, but we do love them and when it comes down it family is there to support one another. That’s exactly what Ryan does and I love him for it.


Jane’s family:

Lantern Hill is the story of a girl trying to get her family back together. After being told that her father, who left her family when she was a baby, was dead and then finding out that he was in fact alive, Jane could have been resentful. But she embraced him and got to know him, discovering a kind man who was concerned about her and her mother’s well being. I love how Jane strives to bring her parents back together and resolve the hurts of the past. Through her actions she builds herself a family. The forgiveness that Jane has for her father, and the understanding of the circumstances that kept him away, are perfect examples of the love of family.


What are some of your favourite family moments from Sullivan shows and films? For family friendly content visit Shop At Sullivan.

By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment 

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