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Maud’s School Day Memories on P.E.I.

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It’s sometimes hard to imagine some of the world’s most famous artists in their earliest school days.  But, like everyone else, they had to go through the often dreaded season of “back to school”.  Here are some bits of trivia about Lucy Maud Montgomery’s first days at school as a young girl.  Readers of her novels will appreciate where she may have picked up some inspiration for her short stories and novels.

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Back to School Lessons from Anne

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Today is officially “back to school” day, which means that parents and caregivers everywhere will be looking for some quality programming with which to entertain their children in those “after school” hours.  The Anne of Green Gables Animated Series is a mix of charming entertainment and educational components.  In fact, it deals with issues that a lot of children will be facing throughout the upcoming school year, such as bullying, cheating and teasing.

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