What makes a Perfect Anne of Green Gables Doll?

What do you look for in a perfect Anne of Green Gables Doll? Have you ever come across one that simply takes your breath away?

Growing up I had a fair bit of exposure to dolls. No, it wasn’t that I was playing with them often (unless my sister made me), it was because two of my Aunt’s hosting a Doll-Making group. During family gatherings, I would see amazing creations come to life as intricately detailed pieces were assembled to create collectible dolls.

I still wouldn’t consider myself an expect on dolls, so I’m going to need your help to help me rate a collection of Anne of Green Gables Dolls.

Doll # 1


One comment I have about a number of Anne of Green Gables dolls is that the face seems too plump. Anne, the scrawny orphan I imagine having a slighter build.  However, I think the eyes give this doll a charming larger than life character.

 Doll # 2


This doll has a unique look and a calming property. I’m not sure the facial expression is quite right though

Doll #3

anne-doll31Anne looks shocked! Anne with such a small mouth doesn’t seem quite right to me. I do enjoy the different take on Anne’s hair – but overall this doll I feel lacks some class.

Dolls #4


Another thing I don’t like is how so many Anne of Green Gables dolls look so serious. Anne’s imagination and sense of wonder would never set her with such a stoic expression.

Doll #5


ShopatSullivan, the official store of Sullivan Entertainment launched their own doll line.  This is a 12″ Wincey Dress Anne of Green Gables doll. The costume perfectly match the movies – which is amazing.  My critique about chubby cheeks still applies here.

So, what do you look for in an Anne of Green Gables doll? Do you have a favourite one that you’ve owned for years?

I don’t think I’ve come across the perfect Anne of Green Gables doll yet, but maybe I’m just too critical.

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