As winter creeps along in our part of the world, the cold temperatures might be starting to get to you. Depending on where you live, the cold air is constant, the roads are icy, and the snow seems to be coming down almost non-stop. Whether you’re afflicted by Seasonal Affective Disorder or you just simply can’t stand the cold, there are many of us who count down the minutes until the season is officially over and we can begin to make use of our shorts and sandals again. I know I spend much of the winter dreaming of a day when I can run my toes through the sand once more.

On Canada’s east coast in Prince Edward Island, summers are full of tourists and people who can’t wait to see the beauty around them. There are ocean-front beaches around every corner, all of the seasonal shops open back up, and there are children running and playing everywhere you look, enjoying all that the region has to offer. In the winter, however, PEI seems a very different place. With the freezing cold temperatures and the mountains of snow, Islanders put up with a notoriously tough winter year after year. Those who stick it out are those who call the island home year round, and with the annual summer visitors gone, many areas of the island are quieter in the winter, too.

“It is worthwhile to live through winter just to have the spring” – Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery knew those PEI winters well, having lived on the island for much of her life. So to hear her say that it’s worthwhile to live through the winter just to have the spring… well, you know she must have really loved the spring! For those of us who struggle with living through winter each year, it is wise to remind ourselves of the change of season that is always just around the next bend. Just as in life, there is always a fresh change around the corner – even when it seems as though the dreariness will never end.

What do you do to pass the winter blues?

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By Katie Bull, Sullivan Entertainment

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