josie pye pop tarts

Recipes from Avonlea: Josie Pye Pop Tarts

“Fortunately for you, Josie, the only thing you’ve ever had to wear twice is a sour expression.” – Anne Shirley Josie Pye may be sour, but her homemade pop tarts are definitely delicious! Find the step-by-step recipe and video below! For more Avonlea recipes check out the Cooking with Anne of Green Gables Cookbook! Print Josie Pye Pop Tarts Course…


Energy balls

Recipes from Avonlea: Energy Balls

Looking for a quick snack on the go? These energy balls are a healthy and delicious snack as you head out the door! Make this snack with your favourite ingredients, you can substitute honey for maple syrup for a vegan option and skip the peanut butter for a school-safe treat for your kids! Check out the recipe and demonstration video…


Recipes from Avonlea: Apple Shortbread

We always have apple pie around the autumn season, but have you tried making apple shortbread? The sweet, yet hearty dessert is the perfect dish after Thanksgiving dinner! Find the full recipe and step-by-step video below! Who knows, maybe while you’re picking the perfect apples, Gilbert might appear… Print Apple Shortbread Course Dessert Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 45…

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Carrot chips

Recipes from Avonlea: Carrot Chips

“Aren’t you worried I’m liable to break another slate over your head?” “I’m more worried I might break one over yours, Carrots.”   Try these delicious and healthy 3-ingredient carrot chips! They’ll definitely win over Gilbert’s heart! For more recipes check out the Cooking with Anne of Green Gables set. Print Carrot Chips Course Snack Prep Time 5 minutes Cook…


yogurt parfait

Recipes from Avonlea: Strawberry Parfait

Well, it’s taught me a lesson: not to stake my word of honour on cows. The simple and delicious yogurt parfait is perfect for an afternoon snack. Add in your own favourite ingredients like nuts and seeds, oats, seasonal fruit and more! And if you can’t chase down your jersey cow to make the yogurt, just head over to the…


Discovering Anne2

Timeline of the Life of Anne Shirley

Within the eight L.M. Montgomery novels that bring readers into the life of Anne Shirley, Anne has lived through the Dominion of Canada, a couple of wars and some pretty significant inventions that has shaped our world today. Here is a look at Anne throughout the years, derived from The Anne of Green Gables Treasury, by Carolyn Strom Collins and…

Anne of Avonlea

The History of the Tank Top: From Rebellious Swimwear to Fashion Staple

Estimated reading time: 4 mins Tank tops are one of the most popular pieces of clothing, you can wear them pretty much any time of year, they are versatile and come in a variety of colours and styles. But did you know that they originated in 1912, albeit very different than they are now? Since Road to Avonlea and Anne of…


Recipes from Avonlea: Strawberry Shortbread Bars

Try this strawberry shortbread recipe at your next summer gathering or tea party. This recipe isn’t too sweet and is best served with fresh strawberries. For more Avonlea recipes, take a look at our Youtube Playlist, or take home the recipes yourself with the Avonlea Cookbook. Recipe derived by CountryLiving.

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Megan Follows and Anne: Meant to Be!

Brief facts about Megan Follows and Anne of Green Gables EST READING TIME: ABOUT 3 MINUTES Today, August 30th, is the start of the five-day fan convention known as Dragon Con, down in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, Dragon Con features a guest that Anne of Green Gables fans are sure to be excited about… Megan Follows! Over the course of…